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A Schematic Overview of the CMU School of Art

22 November 2008 / pedagogy, reference

In my capacity as a professor of electronic art at Carnegie Mellon University, I travel several times per year to visit various high schools and National Portfolio Review Days in order to meet with prospective undergraduates. These are mostly high school seniors who are on the path toward figuring out where they would like to go to college. On these trips, I frequently hear the same questions from interested students. Some want basic information about the city (“What’s Pittsburgh like?”); others want to know about our academic offerings (“Is it possible to double-major?”), while still others may have (justifiable) confusion about the fact that the School of Art is a separate entity from the School of Design. To help answer these frequent questions about the CMU School of Art, I created this diagram which will soon go out with our school’s publicity materials. Click on the image below or on this link to access the full-resolution PDF file (475k):

About the CMU School of Art

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