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Re:face in Mexico City

A three-screen version of our interactive installation “Re:face [Portrait Sequencer]“, which I created in collaboration with Zachary Lieberman, has been acquired by the Papalote Museo del Niño (Children’s Museum) in Mexico City.

Infovis 2008 Art Exhibition

Documentation of the IEEE Infovis 2008 Art Exhibition, which I co-curated with Fernanda Viégas, is now online here, with some additional photos and panoramas here on Flickr. The exhibition featured the talents of Amy Hoy + Thomas Fuchs, Stefanie Posavec, Peter Crnokrak, W. Bradford Paley, Jonathan Feinberg + Katherine McVety, and Stefanie Gray. It was held […]

Announcing a new project: “Double-Taker (Snout)”

I’m delighted to announce the premiere of a new project: Double-Taker (Snout), a large-scale outdoor interactive robot which appears to react with surprise to the presence and movements of its visitors. Shaped like a giant worm, with a foot-wide googly eye, Double-Taker attempts to synthesize a convincing new body language in a whimsical take on the […]